Some stuff I have read in the last couple of weeks that I think are worth checking out, mostly new but some old stuff too. All worth subscribing to.

ASP.NET Core is approaching its full release and the polish is starting to shine. Using Kestral it passed node in some benchmark perf a while back, and now it’s getting silly. 1 million requests a second |

3 top notch free videos from Thoughtworks and Martin Fowler, especially the last one on microservices. Software Development in the 21st century |

Microservices are the new “hotness”. But what are they? And is a monolith really that bad? Microservices |

You don’t expose fields and make them public in c# do you? Why does it matter? Fields vs properties |

An interesting rundown of the Stack Exchange architecture. This is what big real world .net looks like. stack overflow the architecture 2016 |

Which is better - big upfront design or evolutionary architecture? Listen to this interview with the CTO at ThoughtWorks. Evolutionary Architecture with Rebecca Parsons CTO at ThoughtWorks |

Octopus deploy is great continuous delivery tooling for .net. Here is an update on using octopus deploy with teamcity for ASP.NET Core

Stand ups often come up in agile retrospectives as a source of frustration. If you don’t think yours is as useful as it could be you could do a lot worse than read It’s not just standing up by Martin Fowler

If you do web development in studio don’t bother reading, just install this extension, I doubt you will regret it. Web extension pack |

A useful roundup of some of the tools you might use to manage a collection of micro services on the cloud. The micro services revolution|